Internal Ideas

Our outbuildings have many uses from living accommodation to a storage shed . From completion these are left to the customers imagination .These can be cladded internally with ply ,t&g or even plaster boarded and skimmed. If choosing to plasterboard would strongly recommend underlining with ply.


All outbuildings are left pressure treated .Pressure treated means timber is placed in a huge chamber with chemicals added to the chamber is pressurized to force them into the wood and eliminate 'air-pockets and enable a longer lasting timber product.But this treatment is not a top coat and is recommended the outbuilding is treated after a few weeks .If wishing to maintain the natural look of the outbuilding id recommend using osmo 420 clear satin .If wishing to paint the outbuilding id recommend bedac barn paint.

Insulation and ventilation

Insulation and ventilation is always controversial and a contradicting subject .However Insulating your shed is often a choice for customers and is easily applied after the build.The floor can be insulated by ourselves at a additional fee. Insulation in the walls and under the floor would  recommend simply using foiled back pir insulation board .In the roof to enable the outbuilding to breathe would recommend rockwool or fibreglass.

Ventilation is often overlooked in outbuildings .It's always recommended to keep the windows open on the outbuilding for a minimum of a few weeks after the build to let the building breathe and prevent condensation. Often once these buildings are insulated they dont breathe as well previously .Ventilation is often required to prevent condensation building up .Depending on the usage requirement and size a simple louvre can be the answer high in gables .A fanned vent may be required in some circumstances.

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