About Us

Jlg carpentry is a small business based in Norfolk.For many years it has been just myself (Justin).jlg carpentry has been in business for over 15years and has been involved in some wonderful projects over the years.But we now concentrate on our proudest projects of all our outbuildings.Our outbuildings are used for a  various of uses including summerhouses , workshops , offices ,gyms and much more.

  • over 20 years experience 

c24 graded timber frame and roof
At jlg carpentry you will get personal advise and recommendation to your project.
  • all our buildings are made with top quality materials from Scandinavian countries.We dont use cheap British timber
  • all come with guttering
  • heavy dutty framing either graded c16/c24 4x2 or 3x2 framing and traditional cut roof
  • All timber is pressure treated and dry kilned.Pressure treated means timber is placed in a huge chamber with chemicals added to  the chamber is pressurized to force them into the wood and eliminate 'air-pockets and enable a longer lasting timber product
  • joinery made doors and windows


half glazed joinery made doors
We can build to your requirements.
 We can  build all of our outbuildings to your requirements.Our buildings are built fully on site so the windows and doors can be positioned to where is suited for you.The height of these buildings is also optional.The pitch can be adjusted to avoid planning on most sizes in most circumstances.
  • Fully qualified level 3 city and guilds carpentry